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    Great Achievements Of Our Company On 109th Canton Fair
    Spring blows the warmth while all things are recovering up. In the best season, our company routinely attended the 109th Canton Fair during April 15th to 19th, which scale is the biggest, history is the longest and number of visitors is the largest in China.

    This time, under the guidence of Jiangsu PR. trade group, through careful plan by our workmates, acting in concert with clear and realistic pictures and unique designed and high technological products, we showed our products and corporate image completely to the visitors in the fair, and gained their unanimous praise. Our company’s anticipation of transaction in this fair is still optimistic, and we never lack these customers who are our old customers come from our familiar markets, such as USA, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Brasil, Turkey, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria and so on. But what make us more gratified are those new customers who came to us attracted by our reputation, such as from Namibia, Jamaica, Guinea, Colombia, Indonesia, Spain and so on. In which, several new customers who never cooperated with us before ordered 8 containers of our motorcycle tyres and tubes at our booth and paid the advanced money on the spot. This matter fully shows that our brand and corporate image owned great promotion in the past years, and the credit of FEICHI is being recognized by more and more foreign customers.  

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